The Top Section

First, check one of the following.  Is this an ORDER, a request for a PROOF ( we call a pen plot ),  or a request for a QUOTE.

The next part is where you need to fill in your credit card number.  Don't forget to fill in the expiration date and the type of card you're using.  We accept Visa or Mastercard.  This form is the only way we take your card number other than person to person.  Your financial safety is important to us too.

How would you like that shipped? UPS GROUND is the least expensive that can be traced.  2 DAY is usually done by Federal Express although we can ship second day UPS.  1 Day is also usually done by Federal Express but we can do whatever you need.  Other would be any of the OTHER alternatives generally available.  Priority mail is cheap but there is no guarantee on delivery.  Shipping out of the Country usually requires a different shipping method.