QTY:  Fill in the how many of the following lines you would like.  Many times you may want two identical pieces for either side of your vehicle or boat.  In a case where there is a corresponding set, it is referred to as a pair.  For instance, when there is a positive slant on one piece and a negative on another.

AREA:   This is more important than you might think. One of the most overlooked details is not to exceed the space you have.  Filling out the area (Height x width) assures that your lettering or graphic will fit.  There are a few instances where the Capital letters will seem oversized because of their ornateness, or a descending lower case character such as the letter "p" isn't taken into account.  Your area designation overrides all other size requests.

FONT:  Is the letter style you have chosen to for your lettering.  You can see an nice selection of our letter styles here. ( Please close the new window to return)  Using the two letter abbreviation given on the enlargement is the best way to fit your choice into this box.

HEIGHT:  The letter height is designated by the general height of the capital letters although many of the letters may vary from the exact height as seen here.

This shows the comparisons of the letter "C" in three letter styles.  Helvetical, Brush Script, and Candice.  All are designated as the same letter height.  Candice would probably be the least constrained to the the designated height.

COLOR:   Enter the main color for your lettering.  Your lettering can be accented by a secondary color to be entered elswhere, but this is where to write the main color.  These colors can be found here.  Please close the new window to return to this page.