SPECIFIC LENGTH:   If there is an exact length you wish to achieve then the length is written here.  This shouldn't be confused with an area.  For instance, if you wish your lettering to be exactly 30 inches long then you would enter 30" here.  Also if you wish to extend or condense your lettering a certain percentage to achieve an effect, then you can enter that here.  For instance, if you wished to stretch the name "LONG SHOREMAN"  to 20% longer than normal, you would enter 120%.

SLANT:   Enter the amount of slant you would like on your lettering here.  If there is a slant that occurs naturally on the letterstyle, then this amount would be added to the natural slant. For more information about slants click here. Please close the new window to return.

ARC:  The arc is given by a simple LIGHT, MEDIUM, or HEAVY.  Simply, circle the L, M, or H and put a plus (+) for an arc higher in the middle, or a negative (-) for an arc lower in the center.  If an exact arc is needed, then the amount of rise at the center of the lettering needs to be given.  Click here for more information.  Again, please close the new window to return to this page.  We also included the  solid ring icon to represent a throw ring.  Write in the positive (+) or negative (-) for either the top or the bottom of the throw ring, and the diameter of the throw ring.