Loose Pin Connection
This is the most common type of connection. It is a steel loose pin inserted into a steel shackle. We make five other types of connections as shown above.
 The top of the sling is the load-bearing surface. All our slings are sewn with the extra padding, even our extra-eye slings. This will extend the life of the sling where it has the most wear.

Extra Eye
  The extra eye is sewn to the sling so it will not be in your way while you are using the extra eye. One less thing to worry about.

Quick Disconnect
Remove the weight from the sling; pull a pin and your sling is disconnected from the boat.
Comes with 2-3 finger or 3-4 finger.

We sew a flap to cover the quick-disconnect and pin. This protects the boat so no metal or fabric is rubbing on the boat at the disconnect.
We also sell hardware for our slings; pins, shackles, etc. All our hardware is designed to handle large or small boats.