Website Navigation and Tips

Click on the day and venue link which best represents the photos your looking for.

A new window should open leaving your original behind so you can choose another to look at at the same time.

If you click on day/venue link when a second window is open, the content of the second window will be replaced with the new day/venue.

TIP: If you wish to open a third window, hold down the shift key when clicking one the link.

Your new window should have a page of small images (thumbnails). Browse through the images and click one any you would like to see larger or continue to the next page by clicking on the right facing arrow at the top of the page. A left facing arrow will take you to your previous page.

TIP: If you wish to open a new window and leave the thumbnail window open, hold down the shift key when you click on your thumbnail

In the large image window there will be three arrows at the top. The left facing arrow takes you to the previous image, the right facing arrow will take you to the next image and the up arrow will take you back to your thumbnail preview page.

TIP: To quickly proceed to the next image, click on the photo.
        Previously viewed images will be a different color in the number array at the top of the page.

Order Form Tips

Online Order Form
   Order form needs to have Acrobat Reader installed to use. The Chrome Browser pdf plugin will not calculate or bring up prices.

   The form can be filled out on your computer then printed. Unless you have Adobe Acrobat Full Version,  you cannot save the filled out form. However, there is a way around this using third party pdf print drivers such as Cute PDF. (free version)

    Once you open the form, simply click on the "Name" block and start filling out the form advancing through by clicking on the next box or using your tab button.

   The ordering table will calculate and total as you go. Enter the number of  prints for each photo in the first column. (Quantity)
   The second column (Size) is the print size or digital file size you wish.
   This uses a drop down menu. Click on the down arrow and select the desired size.
     The third column (File Name) is for typing in the file name shown under the large proof image from the website. Other information can be typed here if you wish.