Take notes of the following considerations when you place your order.

1. AREA. How much area do you have to work with?

2. TEXT. Write down exactly the lettering desired. Take special care to note what letters are CAPITALS, and what letters are lower case. Choose the lettersyle you would like and write down the name.

3. Colors and Options. Choose the main color for your lettering from our large color pallet. Check out our many Options you can use to liven up text and make it yours. Choose your accent color from the same color palette if your option allows.

4. Fill Out Form Below. Download and print the following order form. For an explanation of the form's parts, just click on the part you have a question about.  Please use your browser's back button to return.

5. RETURN FORM:  Either fax, mail or email the form back to Lenda Products, Inc.

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Or call us at (314)576-4511.


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